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  • February 08, 2018

Delayed Closure of Cooksville GO Station Building

Thank you for your advocacy!

As you may know, the plan was for the Cooksville GO Station building to close on Monday, February 5.
However, I heard from many of you that taking this shelter away during this cold winter weather would be very unwelcome.
Even with tight timelines and a budget to follow, the closure of the station building will be postponed.


Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

When is the station building closing?
The station building will remain open for at least another two weeks.
While we are pleased about this, it cannot be delayed too much longer in order to ensure the construction's long-term timelines are met. 

Once the station building is removed, will I have access to heated shelter?
Yes. As we speak, alternative heating stations are being built on the east side of the current station. The sheltered tunnel leading to the platform will also remain open.

Where will I be able to purchase tickets?
There will be a new temporary ticket counter on the east side of the station building.

Where will be I be able to access restrooms?
There will be new temporary restrooms located on the east side of the station building.

What's happening with parking?
On Monday, February 5, all parking spots in the west lot and the western access to the station will be closed. This means all traffic will enter and exit from the main station entrance.
To make up for lost spots, a new temporary parking lot has been built on the east side of the GO Access Road. It will open today, Friday, February 2.

See below for a map of the construction area:

Are there any other options available for parking?
Erindale GO Station has about 350 parking spots available. It's located at 1320 Rathburn Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5C 4E4 (about an 11 minute drive from Cooksville GO Station).
Dixie GO Station is also an option, however there is less parking available there. It's located at 2445 Dixie Rd, Mississauga, ON L4Y 2A1 (about a 10 minute drive from Cooksville GO Station).
Just remember to update your default PRESTO settings.

How is the Cooksville GO Station going to be improved?
Improvements to the station will include:
  • A new station building with a large public plaza
  • Upgrades to existing rail platform access tunnels
  • A new six-storey parking structure with an additional 1,900 spaces
  • A bus loop with a minimum of eight bus bays for GO and MiWay bus service
Despite the disruption, I am confident this redevelopment will be worth it in the end.

See below for an artist's rendition of the new Cooksville GO Station:
What else is being done to help commuters and residents?
I have been working hard to advocate for multiple issues on your behalf.
In the coming weeks, I will host a Town Hall where all further questions and concerns can be addressed. 
Details for this information session will be announced soon.
If you have any more questions or concerns, please call my office at (905) 238-1751 or e-mail

Keep in Mind...

This website is provided for your convenience. If you'd prefer to call or email, my staff and I would be happy to hear from you.

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