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  • June 30, 2013

June 2013 Update

As the long, hazy days of summers are upon us, I want to take a moment to congratulate all the students who have graduated this year.  Whether you graduated from grade 5, grade 8, high school, college/ university or a trade- you have accomplished something big and you should be proud. I hope this is just the first step in your journey and that it will lead to a life time of learning. 

Good News for Residents in Buildings!

The Ministry of Labour Mediators have confirmed that the Elevator union and their employers have reached a new collective agreement.  Elevator Workers across Ontario will return to work by July 10th.  

Happy Canada Day!

I want to wish everyone a happy Canada Day.  As Canadians, we have so much to be proud of and to celebrate.  As we take part in the festivities, I think it is important to acknowledge the sacrifices and hard work of the generations that came before us.  Equally, we need to reflect on the Canada we want to leave behind for our children.  Wishing you all the best this long weekend.

Happy Senior's Month

June was Senior's Month and I had the opportunity to meet with many Senior's groups and associations to celebrate.  I also wanted to inform them of the Ontario Government's Senior Strategy.  If you are a part of a senior's association/organization, I would love to come and make a presentation.  Please call my office to give the details.

Filipino Seniors of Mississauga

The Budget Passed

The overriding priority in the 2013-14 Budget was to stay on track and eliminate the Ontario post-recession deficit. Ontario’s deficit reduction plan remains sound. The Province is on track to eliminate the budget deficit in 2017-18. Just for perspective, Ontario is the only province to have stuck to its original recession deficit reduction schedule. The federal government has had to revise its balanced budget date numerous times. 
What was in the Budget?

  • A new Youth Jobs Strategy in the 2013-14 Budget will create about 30,000 job and mentorship opportunities for young people and support their entrepreneurial efforts;
  • A plan to invest more than $35 billion in infrastructure across Ontario over the next three years and support more than 100,000 jobs on average each year;
  • The Budget proposes an increased exemption to the Employer Health Tax to provide greater tax relief for small employers, and help them hire more people.

The Budget also included specific measures to help people in their everyday lives:

Aside from the Budget, the government also introduced some specific measures that, if passed, would make Ontario a safer, healthier, and more environmentally-friendly place:
Prohibiting the sale of tanning services to people under 18 to protect young people from skin cancer;
Providing job protection for caregivers who take leave to care for sick or injured loved ones or to cope with the illness or loss of a child; (please sign my petition below)
Making it easier for municipalities to collect unpaid fines from Ontario drivers;
Making more local food available in stores, schools and restaurants across the province;
Requiring producers to take responsibility for recycling the products they sell, and turning more waste into new products.

Youth Job Strategy Rountable in Mississauga East-Cooksville                                                       Polish Constitution Day at Queen's Park

Please visit my facebook page to get the latest news on what is going in Mississauga East-Cooksville.


There are two very important Bills that will need all opposition members to support in order to have them pass.  

1. The Employment Standards Amendment Act (Leaves to Help Families), 2013. If you believe that CAREGIVERS SHOULD HAVE THE OPTION TO PROVIDE AND SUPPORT THEIR LOVED ONES WITHOUT THE FEAR OF LOSING THEIR JOB, please sign the petition on my 

2. Stronger Protection for Ontario Consumers Act, 2013.  If you agree that it is important to PROTECT CONSUMERS AGAINST HIGH PRESSURE DOOR-TO-DOOR SALES PRACTICES, please sign the petition on my website:


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